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Welcome to ARB UK, a high quality tree surgery service for Oxford and the surrounding areas. ARB UK are highly experienced tree surgeons in Oxford. Not only do we provide tree care, site clearance and tree removal services, we pride ourselves on being experienced arborists. All of our work is to the highest standard of quality in line with BS3998.


Trees are vital to the community that we live in, and the benefits of them are too many to number. Not only do they provide us with oxygen to breath but they also act as a filter, trapping pollutants and dust from the air. They provide welcome shade from solar radiation; they can even reduce our stress level and add value to your property. However, without proper maintenance trees can become a problem and potentially cause safety risks that could be life-threatening. This is where the services of a tree surgeon can help.


We approach our tree surgery services with an arborist's mindset. What does this mean to you? Before undertaking any tree service, our expert tree surgeons Oxford will undergo extensive tree assessments before deciding on the most suitable course of action which takes into consideration both the client's best interests and tree's best interests. While you may think that tree surgery can be reduced to just felling, chopping, tree cutting, and removing trees there is so much more our serrvice can provide for you. Arborists understand the anatomy of trees and ecosytems which gives them an advantage in providing services for tree maintenance, pruning and health.


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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Oxfordshire Tree Surgeon


When you visit the doctor you expect a professional. When you seek financial advice, you want a licensed advisor. Similarly, when hiring a tree surgeon you should hire a professional as well. You don't want to hire an unqualified tree cutter as it could end up costing you more in money, time, and inconvenience. Instead, work with a professional from the beginning and save yourself the headache. All our operatives hold relevant NPTC certification. 

Here are 7 benefits of hiring a professional tree surgeon:


Health Care of Trees

If trees aren't properly maintained, they can develop diseases, are prone to attacks by insects and pests, and are vulnerable to the elements of a certain site. This will impact the cost of maintaining the tree and potentially pose a safety hazard.

Tree surgeons undertake preventive care and maintenance to ensure that the tree remains in overall good health. It helps to protect the tree against the diseases, insects, and problems with the condition of the site they are planted in.

Professional tree surgeons undertake health care measures such as:

  • safety assessments
  • spray program to control diseases and pests
  • aeration to improve growth of their roots
  • fertilisation

These health care measures ensure the longevity and vitality of your tree for years to come. It lowers the cost of maintaining the tree and saves you the hassle of having to do a full tree removal.


Clearing Space and Land

Starting a building project is difficult when the land is littered with tree stumps and obstructions. Also, having tree branches hanging over a neighbour's fence can lead to disputes. This could lead to both financial and emotional stress.

If you have an area that needs to be cleared our professional tree surgeon Oxford specialists can help by felling trees, removing tree stumps or pruning obstructions.

We will clear the area in a cost effective, efficient and safe manner so that you'll save yourself money and time and prevent injury and damage to surrounding area.


Qualified and Knowledgeable

A professional tree surgeon is qualified and uses science and technology to improve their practices. Unlike an unqualified 'trimmer' who might be pruning your tree at random, our qualified tree surgeons will use their scientific knowledge of tree anatomy and ecosystems to maintain plant life. We have proven methods for tree maintenance and care. 


Extensive Experience

If you're considering removing a tree, but want know if it can be saved instead, then our tree surgeons can help. Without hiring a tree surgeon, you may make hasty decisions such as tree removal, tree cutting, or excessive pruning. This could affect the health of the tree and end up costing you more money than if you had just hired a professional. 

Using their extensive experience, our tree surgeons will be able to determine if the tree can be saved or needs to be removed. This will prevent you from making mistakes that could harm the tree's health, which would lead to higher costs for you.



ARB UK provides the following tree surgery services in the Oxford area


sectionfelling 300x159Tree Removal

This involves the complete removal of a tree. This service might be required because the tree is an obstruction, it's diseased, is impacting another property, or is a health and safety threat. It's a highly involved service that requires a tree surgeon with technical sophistication, expertise and machinery.


pruning 300x159Hedge Trimming

We offer a professional and competitve hedge cutting service. Whether it's reducing an unruly Leylandii hedge that has gotten out of control or if it's trimming your prestigious Beech hedge, we have both the experience and equipment and are happy to remove all trimmings.


 31870310 10215374510371750 3065377120466239488 nTree Pruning

There can be many reasons why a tree might need to be pruned. Common reasons would be to remove deadwood, improve the form or to reduce risk. If you have concerns about your tree we will be happy to make a free assessment and suggest the best course of action.


 crownreduction 300x159Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a pruning technique used by our tree surgeons to reduce the height and spread of a tree's crown. The extent of reduction may vary with different species. Live branches are selectively removed to achieve this. The end result is a reduction in shade from the tree's foliage or the maintenance of a tree in it's immediate environment.  


  pollarding 300x159Tree Pollarding

Pollarding involves the removal of the upper branches of a tree. It promotes a dense head of foliage and is used primarily to keep trees at a predetemined height. This provides an aesthetic benefit of a uniform height if multiple trees are placed in a row.  


  stumpgrindingStump Grinding

Our tree surgeons will grind the stump to below ground level. Then the underground roots will decay naturally over time. The resulting wood chips from grinding can be used as ground cover or mulch.








Arborist and Tree Surgeon


Tree Surgeons in Oxford



Safety and Emergency Services

If a tree has caused damage from fallen branches or poses a safety hazard after a storm then you need to act quickly. Our tree surgeons will identify the areas that need to be pruned, and devise a strategy for the safe removal of a tree if it's required. This will ensure the safety of your property and prevent anyone from being harmed by the hazardous tree. 

Furthermore, factors such as electrical lines must be handled with extreme care. Our professional tree surgeons can work with your local power provider to remove the downed or damaged trees after a storm. 

As you can see, these 7 benefits are the reason why you should engage our professional tree surgeons for your tree surgery project.


Competitive Pricing for Tree Surgery Oxford

The pricing of tree surgery is affected by various factors. Your needs may vary depending on whether you're a residential or commercial property owner. The quantity and types of tree services required will all impact the price. This is because the complexity of the project and labour costs will affect the amount that you'll actually be charged. 

Certain services will require special equipment. Tree removal services will require use of log trucks, chainsaws, and cranes, whereas stump removal might require only a stump grinder. So the variation in the amount of equipment required will affect your pricing. 

Our goal is to provide you with the most competitive pricing for expert tree surgery Oxford services.


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