Land And Site Clearance Oxford: Local Expertise Makes The Difference


Before any large building or landscaping project can get underway, the land and surrounding areas will often need to be completely cleared in preparation. Getting rid of overhanging branches from neighbouring properties, trees, stumps and vegetation requires knowledge and experience. A qualified tree surgeon understands the best approach to take for an efficient clearance using their experience of tree growth, ecosystems and root patterns. Expert advice will be invaluable for an effective and complete site clearance Oxford. 

What To Expect From A Professional Site Clearance

Our team of qualified tree surgeons begin by undertaking a detailed assessment of the site to be cleared. We also make sure we fully understand the customer’s needs and expectations. Once an assessment has been completed, we will tailor an individual approach to the work required and inform the customer of the processes and timescales. We believe that communication is key so there are no unexpected surprises. 

In some cases, permissions will need to be sought to clear a site and this will be attained before work begins. Permissions are commonly needed from local government agencies or neighbouring landowners depending on the land and its limitations. We will also look at any habitat restrictions that might be a concern and look for solutions to any difficulties. 


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With an agreed approach and budget, we can professionally clear the area of all unwanted trees, shrubs and plant life. Using the latest technology and the highest standard of safety equipment, we will fell trees, grind down stumps and remove vegetation. ARB UK understands that this stage is just one of many stages that will be undertaken in a project, and we will work alongside other companies in order to get your project completed on time. That said, we will not compromise on safety and legality at any point in the process. 

With land clearance Oxford, a large amount of green waste will be produced. This waste will be chipped and taken away to be re-used or recycled as biomass fuel or gardening mulch as part of our responsibility to the environment. The site will be left completely clear and ready for the next stage of the project. 

The equipment we use and training we have undertaken enables us to work on both domestic and commercial sites. We have the ability to work on smaller projects as well as large-scale developments and are happy to assess and quote for a range of different situations.